Investor FAQ’s

Q: Where do I log in?

A: Approved private investors may “Log-in” by scrolling to the footer menu bar bottom of the page. Once logged in, under the investor header is “Data.”

Q: Does TAGCarts have any IP?

A; Yes, TAGCarts currently has one public USPTO issued patent, Wall Anchor for Cart with Recharging. (#10,927,873) We hold additional proprietary intellectual property, trademarks, and trade secrets

Q: Are you concerned with the potential premium costs of manufacturing in California?

A; All “Green Premium” costs offset with healthcare systems shift to sustainability, positioning TAGCarts as an extension of their goals and initiatives including committed spend for sustainable supply chain partners. Logistically TAGCarts is at an advantage to legacy mid-west and southern region company’s with our ability to transport to west coast in less than 2 days and in most cases same day. Beyond the hard costs the soft costs such as the calculated carbon footprint of transportation from mid-west to west coast, brings us “Net-Positive” and make TAGCarts an attractive option for California and western US healthcare systems

Q: What stage of fundraising are you in?

A: We are operating in pre-seed stage

Q: How do I find out more information or get in touch?

A: Use the contact form and someone will respond promptly