Serving communities for two decades on television news, and interviewing thousands of people around the country has earned Kellie DeMarco three Emmy Awards and multiple journalism awards. But it is her passion for storytelling and helping businesses and non-profits in her community that has propelled her to run her own successful media relations agency, Kellie DeMarco Communications.

Kellie says, “I’m thrilled to be joining the Advisory Board for TAGCarts, Inc. Over the past year and a half, I have watched Taggart Neal’s commitment to nurses and healthcare behind the scenes. He’s not only an expert when it comes to developing medical products, but he really listens to the needs of nurses in our hospitals, especially during COVID. I’m so impressed with how he’s been able to take his decades of experience in the healthcare industry and use that to better the lives of nurses and patients with his brand new medical cart. This is a proud moment for Sacramento and the future of health care!”

Kellie says, “The work that Taggart Neal and his team do on behalf of nurse safety and efficiency day in and day out is changing lives and setting the standard for sustainability in healthcare.”

For all TAGCarts’ public relations, marketing and media content Ms. DeMarco may be reached at: