Gila River Health Care representatives and the team from TAGCarts presented the carts donated to assist treatment of COVID-19 patients. Christopher Lomahquahu/GRIN

GRHC receives donation of recyclable bedside carts to assist patients

September 9, 2020 | Comments Off on GRHC receives donation of recyclable bedside carts to assist patients

Thank you Gila River Healthcare for allowing TAGCarts to serve your HealthcareHEROES protecting the greater Gila River Indian Community. We are glad the PPE kitted and single patient-use HEROCarts will aid in your fight of COVID-19 and beyond. Additionally we’d like to thank the State of Arizona Department of Health Services, Dircks Moving & Logistics, PRIDE Industries, and Pinal County Public Health for teaming up to get the front-line nurse Heroes at Hau’paul Red Tail Hawk Health Center the HEROCarts they need. Christopher Lomahquahu of the Gila River Indian News reports here, see the link below:


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Hundreds of PPE HEROCarts Donated To Arizona for Frontline Workers

Arizona 3TV News Coverage Video HERE

ARIZONA, USA – The Arizona Department of Health Services just got a huge donation of personal protective equipment for our front line workers.

Hundreds of single-use bedside carts full of supplies for nurses and COVID-19 patients were sent to the Navajo Nation and eight of our most at-risk counties.

TAGCarts CEO Tagg Neal graduated from Northern Arizona University and used to live in the Valley. So when he saw Arizona at the global epicenter in the peak of the pandemic, it was a no-brainer to pivot his new business to help.

“We saw the environments of care over 1,100 pop-up field hospitals erected by the Army Corps of Engineers, and we noticed that the nurses didn’t have the same environment of care with carts and storage and access that they had in the hospital,” said Neal. “They told us, ‘There (are) only two carts in here and 500 beds!”

“Any stressed environment leads to omissions of care, medication errors, so on and so forth,” Neal added.

Knowing alternative care centers for COVID-19 patients would already be stressful environments, his team was confident they had a solution.

“We took an old idea off the shelf to design a cart with 90% of the utility for less than 10% of the cost. So we came up with a product then named it after the frontline heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic and everyday, the nurses,” said Neal.

Their HEROCart is stocked with single-use personal protective equipment like gowns, gloves, masks, and other supplies. They are all fully recyclable in a bio-degradable cart that comes with wheels to help streamline safety and efficiency. Nurses at the Gila River Red Tail Hawk Health Center say having to run all over their sprawling campus can be tough so they’re looking forward to using the carts to keep supplies more easily accessible. They just got 54 of the donated HEROCarts.

So whether it’s a rural tent pop-up for overflow care or a clinic on standby for surge capacity like Red Tail Hawk, HEROCarts keep all supplies bedside, so nurses can focus on the patients. There’s even a drawer for patients to store personal items with dignity.

“Your personal diabetic medication, your eyeglasses, cellphone, wallet. And the feedback that we’re getting is, yeah, it’s a, it’s a wonderful product with a lot of value for those environments,” said Neal.

And from packaging to shipping, where they found a Phoenix moving company, Dircks Moving & Logistics to bring the donated carts here for free. It’s a project they’re more than proud of.

“Not only is this product helpful and useful, it’s been assembled by veterans and Americans with disabilities here in the United States of America,” said Neal.

In addition to the 250 carts donated statewide, TAGCarts also donated another 150 HEROCarts to the Navajo Nation, and they’re doing the same in California, where they’re now based, investing more than $150,000 in our front line workers.

“When you’re doing the right thing, the right way with the right people for the right reasons, there’s nothing that can replace that feeling,” said Neal.

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Featured on CBS Sacramento – Veteran Helping Frontline Nurses With ‘HERO-carts’

August 13, 2020 | Comments Off on Featured on CBS Sacramento – Veteran Helping Frontline Nurses With ‘HERO-carts’

A Navy Veteran who has worked in the medical field for decades is now answering the call to help nurses on the front lines.

View the full article here

KXTV ABC10 on 2020 July 20st 5:00pm

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article title:

Sacramento based start-up TAGCarts helping pop-up hospitals in the field | Everyday Heroes

Topic: Taggart Neal created a start-up that provides medical carts to pop-up field hospitals.

KXTV likes to highlight those in our community making a difference, and Taggart Neal was recently featured on the news as well as his start-up TAGCarts™ which helps medical and hospital workers lower their risk of cross-contamination that comes along with using a “community” medical cart.

TAGCarts™ are designed as an affordable and disposable cardboard-based medical cart that nurses and hospital workers can supply with gloves, masks and other personal protection equipment [PPE] crucial to limit the spread of the coronavirus as well as treat the many who have become infected.

HEROCarts™ are also disposable. When a field hospital closes, these carts can be recycled.

Taggart Neal and his exciting start-up have partnered with the Sacramento Kings Foundation — several HEROCarts have been donated to Cal OES so they can be set up at multiple coronavirus surge sites.

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