SACRAMENTO, California- Unprecedented times call for innovative solutions. The FEMA HEROCart™ is a perfect example of a scalable and deployable solution that addresses the needs of nurses, clinicians, or anyone working to help treat patients during a disaster.

As FEMA procures and deploys various durable medical equipment (DME) kits, consumable medical supply (CMS) kits, comfort hygiene kits and more, the FEMA HEROCart™ stands at parade rest and ready for duty.

Made out of corrugated paper board, FEMA HEROCarts™ are recyclable, lightweight, yet durable multi-drawer carts on wheels, filled with masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to not only protect nurses from injury or infection and improve workflow, but to offer dignity to patients without spreading disease.

The FEMA HEROCart ™ may be used to optimize, store, transport and serve critical aid kits to Americans enduring the aftermath of an emergency or disaster. On Demand Deployment (ODD) serves federal, state and local municipality preparedness goals. All HEROCarts are assembled in the USA by Veterans and Americans with Disabilities.

The carts can either be shipped “flat-packed” and assembled in a pop-up fashion on location by response volunteers or, in a more preferred method, they may be kitted with identified supplies and shipped fully assembled and ready for deployment and integration. In addition to various medical supplies and equipment related to COVID-19 and healthcare, they may also be pre-kitted with non-perishable meal kits, comfort items, bedding supplies, hygiene and Commonly Used Sheltering Items (CUSI) for any surge population environment.

U.S. Navy Veteran and TAGCarts’ CEO Taggart Neal says, “As a former sailor, I see the equipment and supplies like the Marines, they do a good portion of the real heavy lifting. But the Navy, or HEROCart in this sense, is the vessel by which they arrive at their point of purpose and improve their ability to perform at their operational point of service. Not only does the FEMA HEROCart store and transport necessary items, it may serve as durable medical equipment, comfort and hygiene personable storage, or potentially collapse and unfold to be used as a shelter item itself.”

The patent-pending HEROCart™ was designed and developed to improve nurse safety and workflow in non-traditional environments of healthcare. The pop-up carts are currently serving in the battle against the COVID-19 global pandemic. Temporary, alternative care sites and acute care hospitals are using HEROCarts as a one-time use cart for positive testing COVID-19 patients, serving as a bedside medical cart for nurses, patients, or both- without the risk of cross-contamination.

Neal says, “Serving nurses during COVID-19 has provided us valuable lessons, resources and partnerships positioning the FEMA HEROCart™ ready to serve on a large scale level. With the product, fulfillment, and supply chains in place as well as being federally registered with System for Award Management (SAM), my company is capable of deploying hundreds of thousands of FEMA HEROCarts™ within weeks.”

FEMA HEROCarts™ have tremendous opportunity to serve post-disaster populations of hurricanes, earthquakes and fires or other natural events. TAGCarts having them supplied, stored and ready for deployment anywhere on demand is a strong value proposition to emergency management and response agencies”, shares John Krueger, advisor to TAGCarts.

All FEMA HEROCarts are assembled by U.S. Veterans and Americans with Disabilities in California. Recent HEROCart deployments to state emergency management agencies such as California Office of Emergency Services (CAL OES) and Arizona Department of Health Services (AZ DHS) have caught the recent attention of media as helping under-served and at-risk community populations by working with tribal healthcare, municipal public health agencies, acute care hospitals and COVID-19 designated Alternative Care Sites (ACS). See some of our media coverage here, here and here.

According to the third edition (updated 6/30/20) of the CDC Federal Healthcare Resilience Task Force Alternate Care Site Toolkit, concept section 1.1, “An ACS is a building or structure of opportunity that is temporarily converted for health care use during a public health emergency to provide additional health capacity and capability for an affected community, outside the walls of a traditional established health care institution. The safety of patients, care providers and the general public is the main priority.”

HEROCart Disaster Emergency Response Bedside Cart Family
Customizable for emergency aid, acute care, surge capacity, population displacement, military or other non-traditional temporary environments – The HEROCart™ is pre-kitted and stored off-site – ready to serve when called upon.

“Whether an emergency response to medical surge population or sudden disaster driven mass population displacement, temporary hybrid environments of care require and demand temporary hybrid solutions. Preparedness is the mission critical key and the FEMA HEROCart is a valuable component of that comprehensive toolkit,” says Founder and CEO Neal.

To customize and build December 2020 shipments and secure warehouse orders for future On-Demand Deployment, procure the company capability statement, or to inquire about a partnership with TAGCarts, visit www.TAGCarts.com

About TAGCarts, Inc.

Based in Sacramento, TAGCartsTM is a Veteran Owned, California Founder Institute company established in 2019 by Founder and CEO, Taggart F. Neal. They are an innovative designer and manufacturer of patent-pending medical carts and workstations for healthcare, with mission driven values of social responsibility and sustainability. Named Comstock’s Magazine “Startup of the Month”, in November 2019, TAGCartsTM continues to offer solutions for today’s hospital medical staff across the country.

About HEROCarts

The HEROCart family of products includes Bedside Carts, PPE Carts, Full Size Isolation Carts, and Laptop/Tablet Workstation Carts. They are identified for Emergency Response, Disaster Response, Temporary and Hybrid Nursing environments, as well as Acute Care Hospital Emergency Departments for a single patient use exchange cart model.

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HEROCarts™ prepared and ready for On-Demand Deployment to serve critically needed aid in real time for emergency and disaster response.